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Dr. Nazari and his staff are professional, caring and beyond competent! I was scheduled for a very long appointment and frankly I was dreading it. However, from the moment I walked in I was put at ease; from the beautiful, spa-like interior to the friendly and upbeat staff, it was the most pleasant and positive dental experience I have had! After nearly 2 hours under the caring hands of Dr. Nazari and his awesome assistant Jennifer, I was very pleasantly surprised; Dr. Nazari routinely checked in every few minutes, gave me a number of breaks and I could not be happier with the end results! I think there is always a certain level of anxiety and dread that comes with a dental appointment, I can assure you that the Granada Dental team will put you at ease from the moment you walk through the door!

Baleen S.

This office is beautiful and very high tech. I enjoyed my first and second visit here and the service and care I received. I think Dr. Nazari is excellent and very knowledgeable. I definitely enjoyed my visit and look forward to my next visit. Everyone in the office is quite good at educating patients on proper habits without coming across as judgmental. I got great recommendations on how I can improve my own habits without creating a lot of extra work for myself. I actually floss and brush the right way now because previous offices never took the time to show me the REAL way you're supposed to do things. I would highly recommend you give Dr. Nazari a try and I'm sure you'll notice the difference in your dental care and office experience. Thank you Dr. Nazari, Grace, Jennifer, and Rosalie and I look forward to meeting Shaina next time.

John M.


I have never been a fan of going to the dentist (who is, really?), but Dr. Nazari and his team are incredibly welcoming and friendly. The staff always remembers me, even when it has been more than a year since my last visit, and are very kind. The office is very nice as well!

Dr. Nazari is very friendly and very sympathetic to my pain during teeth cleanings (I have very sensitive teeth), and his style hurts my teeth way less than any other dentist I have been to.

All around, highly recommended!

Haley K.

Since becoming new patients, my husband and I are extremely satisfied with the professionalism and care at Granada Dental. We have had bad experiences in the past and it is refreshing to have found a dentist and staff that is friendly and thorough. We look forward to bringing our son here once his teeth come in. Thank you Granada Dental for the extra care you have shown us!

Selena H

I've been seeing Dr Nazari for about 7 plus years now and have always been happy. He and his staff are very friendly and honest. The office is very clean. My husband now sees him too. I couldn't be happier. Always a pleasure to see their faces!!! Thank you dr Nazari, Jenniffer and Grace for exceptional consistent service all these years!!!!!!

Lola B.

I want to say that Dr. Nazari is the best dentist. He is patient and he explains things really well. He isn't pushy at all, but informative. He lets you make the decision whether to have certain procedures, etc. He also stands behind his work. I've had some very small fillings on the front of my tooth fall out and he fixes them, and a chip he repaired, at no charge when I've had problems with them. I really appreciate the entire office. Grace, Jennifer and Dr. Nazari are really great to work with.

Stephanie G

Every six months I go to Granada Dental and see Dr. Nazari and his staff and every time I leave with a healthy smile on my face. Yesterday was no exception. The dental office is tucked away in the corner of the Granada Shopping Center next to Lucky's supermarket. When you walk in they have a very nice waiting room with comfy leather couches and a refrigerator with drinks and flat screen TV. Unfortunately I hardly ever get to enjoy the waiting room because they see me as soon as I walk in. Also, when I walk in I am greeting with a smile and a warm hello from their receptionist/hygienist Grace. She is very sweet and always remembers to ask about my daughter and my family and on this most recent visit even noticed that I had lost a bit of weight (hey, I haven't been eating spinach salad and running every night not to get noticed).

Anyway, on my last visit (which was wonderfully typical), I was shown to one of the rooms and sat down in the dentist's chair and within a minute or two Dr. Nazari was there ready to start working on my cleaning. I appreciate that Dr. Nazari does his own teeth cleaning. I have been to other dentists who always have their hygienists do the cleaning. I like that my dentists gets up close and personal with my teeth. He did a quick thorough cleaning of my teeth, Grace polished them off, took some x-rays and I was set. I hardly had time to enjoy watching the flat screen TV that they have in front of each dental chair. In and out in just over 30 minutes...Painless!

My experiences at Granada Dental have all been great, and although I have never had any major work done, I would recommend them to anyone regardless of your dental needs.

Zac C


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